About Us

Adishub Limited is a company registered in Hong Kong in October of 2014.

Many foreign SMEs can only enter into China market through local agents/distributors/traders/representatives (hereinafter called as local business partners), but the process of sourcing local business partner could be very time-consuming and difficult for them.

On the other side, there are also many Chinese companies who wish to search suitable foreign products to represent/distribute in China market. The process of sourcing suitable foreign products could be time-consuming and difficult as well. Main founder of this company himself once tried to look for one product to represent in China, but there was no ideal result after half a year’s sourcing.

Because of the above, Adishub sets up this e-commerce portal aiming to facilitate foreign SMEs source suitable local business partners in China in an efficient way at low costs, and vice versa.

Adishub Limited